About Us
We started our journey as a family company in Denizli, one of the most important industrial cities of Turkey, in 1997. Thanks to the efficient working environment and opportunities we have created, together with all our employees, we work with the aim of uninterrupted progress and growth on this journey.
For more than 25 years, it has adopted a customer-oriented approach as its mission from the very beginning and continues its activities in 85% export and 15% domestic market with the understanding of high quality, reliable service, fast and on-time delivery.
Through this mission, it works with many corporate companies around the world. Since the day it was founded, it has placed a continuous and permanent shopping approach at the center of its commercial perspective, without compromising its high quality approach.
E - FABRİKA has started to serve e-commerce, e-export and b2b customers since 1997, with the export experience it has gained at home and abroad as of 2015, with a customer-oriented, continuous, permanent shopping and best quality understanding.
As E - FABRİKA, we attach great importance to and support women's presence in business life. We see the majority of our female employees as the strength of our company. In addition to being practical and fast, they help us adopt a more innovative and sustainable approach by integrating the different perspectives of our female employees into our business processes in areas with intense visual control.
"You have many reasons to choose us."
Trust ; We take responsibility for the work we do and the resulting results, own the work and follow it until it is completed. We attach importance to open communication, what we say and what we do are compatible.
Quality ; We are aware that it is not a goal to be achieved, but a process that must show continuous development and continuity. We constantly improve all processes that affect the success of our company and the quality of our products.
Customer Happiness ; We are aware that every job we do will affect customer satisfaction. We aim to always expand our product range, keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and sustainable with our solution-oriented and innovative approaches, with our working style based on customer demands.
Export to the World; We have the standards to export to Europe and all over the world, especially the Middle East, with the opportunities provided by our technological infrastructure.
Production and Distribution ; All supply, packaging, storage and distribution operations are carried out from a single point. In this way, all steps are kept under control and problems that may be encountered in the process are eliminated.
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